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Croc Watch

Croc Watch is a citizen science initiative by Voluntary Nature Conservancy to collect information on the three crocodilian species found in India and to create a database that can aid in the research and conservation of these species. The project relies on participation of individuals to contribute to sightings and other information. We are looking for records and/or images of the three species of crocodilians found in India.  

Croc watch

Why Participate?

This information while providing the extant of the current distribution of three crocodilian species will also help identify key areas for crocodile conservation across the country, which in turn may lead to help take decisions for their long-term conservation and management in India. This information will be available to interested individuals and institutions concerned with research and management of the species.

This citizen science initiative allows you to participate and help, by sharing relevant information associated with their sighting, breeding status and other biological information that any individual might have observed.

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What Participants
Are Saying

Participating in VNC's Crocodile-related activities was wonderful. I learned lots of things from that seminar and got so much knowledge about different species of crocodile. It was very informative journey.
Archi Mohile
I participated in Wetland Watch 2019 and it was a life changing experience. It was the first time I was a part of population count and that too of the marvelous species of Mugger Crocodiles and also of the Sarus Crane. In a nutshell, it was very informative and interesting experience.
Paras Parikh
It was a very informative experience. We got a lot of information by participating in this, along with practical experience. It was a lot of fun too. Hope to get chance to participate in events like this from VNC soon.
Roshan Khamari